Who’s Pedro Martins?

Before founding Gravy Train Capital and The 10% Edge Group, I worked in strategic and finance roles at Deloitte and Siemens, later transitioning to agency roles where I honed my skills in copywriting, sales, and marketing. This diverse experience gave me a deep understanding of business and the foundations of sales, marketing, and ultimately, growth.

In 2012, the same year my first son was born, I was awarded a Cannes Lion (advertising Oscars – here’s the campaign), further solidifying my expertise in the creative field.

Alongside my professional accomplishments, I served as a mentor for some startup acceleration programs, helping founders overcome positioning, sales, and funding challenges. This experience and my unwavering passion for helping others led me to establish Gravy Train Capital — an agency that invests in and partners with established creators to amplify their impact and unlock untapped rewards.

One of those “investments” generated over $1.2M in 69 days for one of our partners.

As a proud husband and father of two incredible boys, I am dedicated to supporting creators and solopreneurs in building long-term businesses that drive impact and generate consistent rewards.

I’m best known for my deep understanding of how positioning can help creators drive more impact opportunities and collect sales they may have missed otherwise. And also about how the business back-end is your ticket to an always growing and as predictable as possible business.

When not working with our partner creators, I enjoy mentoring new creators on their journey to success.

Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn. And explore below how I can best support your growth as a creator who wants to create something meaningful and long-lasting for you and your audience.

If you want to work with me, you can obviously DM me on any of those platforms or check this.

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