Hey, my name is Pedro P. Martins, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to read this page.

Did you ever read the book Small Giants?

There is a quote in there that I love and tells a lot about myself and my approach when helping Executive Coaches put their business growth on auto-pilot, allowing them to reach better clients and, ultimately, have more quality time to serve them.

The difference between the small giants and everyone else lies in their refusal to let go of the passion and their success in keeping it alive.

Bo Burlingham, in the book Small Giants

Passion is my drive.

Passion in what I do, when helping those I work with being able to impact more people.

Beautiful Lisbon!

I’m originally from Lisbon, Portugal, but I’ve always felt like a global citizen.

Probably because coming from such a tiny country I’ve always known I had to open my mind to become someone one day.

This perspective led me to study in France, lived in Brazil, worked in the UK, open an agency and Barcelona, helped dozens of startups and entrepreneurs grow their businesses until I ultimately focused in assisting executive coaches.

My parents were uncomfortable…!

My parents were never pleasant about my approach to work. They always felt that I should find a secure job, raise a family and have a normal life with enough money to secure my family’s financial needs.

Funny enough, they still do today, even knowing that I work with some of the best Executive Coaches in the world in growing their businesses, being it through supporting them in their client acquisition process or coming up and implementing new products/services for them to offer.

I’ve always been curious to learn more about why people buy what they buy.

Moreover, this was the main reason why I moved from a consulting career at Deloitte to a more “crazy” career in advertising where I managed accounts such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Samsung, to name a few.

I wanted to be on the first row and seeing the market reacting to the message the communication “gurus” were creating.

I even won a Cannes Lion with this campaign along in my advertising journey!

Marketing Growth

In all these projects I questioned the status quo and what brands were doing to capture their market and how they were communicating.

Seth Godin in This is Marketing summarises very well exactly my view about Marketing.

We’re not working for the masses anymore.

We’re working for the few. For the few we can impact the most.

It’s a combination of understanding which is our Smallest Viable Market and the best way to reach out to it and get our 1,000 true fans.

This interaction, between your smallest viable market and those you want to become your true fans, can only be achieved through empathy.

Through a meaningful connection where those you communicate with know and feel you’re talking directly to them and not to everyone.

But something was missing

It’s funny because while I was helping very different businesses in their growth process, I was always missing something.

Something I figured out when I worked on a project where I operated side-by-side with a few executive coaches, in helping a group of unemployed and highly problematic individuals in trying to overcome their fears and find the best job for them.

This project was incredibly hard.

My task was to help the individuals communicate their “superpowers” and present themselves as a possible asset in the jobs they wanted to apply.

The personal coaches job was to get them ready to embrace that change.

If I felt my task was huge…

It was a very emotional project, seeing people with no expectation whatsoever, being very negative towards us, being molded and being able to accept that this change was not only welcome as it was also necessary.

As I mentioned before, I saw the power of empathy and the ability to build a genuine connection between the executive coach and the “student.”

A connection that I could sparkle from the Executive Coach online communication strategy.

Moreover, the ability to build this genuine connection, through empathy and storytelling strategies, is how I have been helping Executive Coaches, in a wide range of disciplines, attract more and better clients, as well as being able to offer a broader and more personalized range of services.

Most of these achieved on auto-pilot and through a “soft-selling” approach, where connection and rapport will always come first.

As a side note, let me share a picture I took from 2018’s Web Summit, and that illustrate this subject, and brings a great perspective over what matters when trying to make a meaningful connection.

"We didn't fall in love with the technology, we fell in love with the feeling of connection we experienced via the technology."
From Debbie Millman‘s keynote.

By the way, this is what I love doing every single day.

Help my clients build empathy and build long-lasting relationships with their target audience. Also, turn some of those into long-term clients (fans, I should say).

Besides work!

Whenever I am not writing copy for my clients or improving their existing copy, or even coming up with acquisition and retention strategies…

…I am most likely playing football (soccer, in case you’re wondering!) with my two boys, reading, swimming or trying to watch a movie with my wife which usually takes several consecutive nights just to watch a single film.

Above is a brief story about myself and, as a final note, I would like to say thank you for all the lives you’ve impacted somehow — all the individuals and their businesses that flourished because of you.

Thank you!

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