Install the Secret to Standing Out in 2024: Why Most Creators, Coaches, and Consultants Fail (And How You Can Avoid It)

In today’s saturated market, simply having great skills isn’t enough.

Many talented creators, coaches, and consultants struggle to get noticed…

Why do some rise to the top while others, equally skilled, remain invisible?

The answer lies in a crucial yet often overlooked element: positioning.

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This is a message I got from a partner when his positioning aligned with his ideal audience.

The Core Issue

Having the best content, emails, and sales copy doesn’t mean your ideal audience sees them. 

Even when they do, they don’t consume and engage.

Most times, it’s not because your work isn’t good enough…

It’s because you haven’t positioned yourself effectively.

This is the silent killer of many promising careers.

The $50M Lesson

Through my journey, generating over $50M in digital sales…

I’ve learned that success isn’t just about what you know or how good your content, emails, and offers are.

It’s about being seen and heard by the right people.

Those who understand and master positioning can command attention and respect in their markets, leading to higher engagement and sales.

The way you enter a conversation influences people’s perception of you. In this situation, I helped a partner refine the positioning of one of his offers and collected over $1.2M in two months.

Why Positioning Matters

Positioning is the difference between becoming a market leader and fading into obscurity.

It’s the strategy that makes your audience pay attention, trust you, and eagerly consume your content, emails, and offers.

Without it, even the most valuable insights go unnoticed.

And this is true for everyone in every step of their journey…

Why beginners can become experts almost overnight…

And why many others remain invisible, regardless of the great content and valuable ideas they share.

Positioning Key Benefits

  • Be Heard: Ensure your message resonates and captures the attention of your ideal audience. You immediately become relevant to them for the right reasons.
  • Build Trust: Establish a strong, trusted presence that your audience relies on. Show that you understand them; they’ll give back by exploring you deeper.
  • Drive Engagement: Convert viewers into followers, subscribers, and ultimately, customers. Positioning is about giving people a great reason to consume what you have for them, and that consumption makes you stand out immediately.
  • Stand Out: Differentiate yourself in a crowded market and become a go-to authority. Once people feel like you know them, they’ll consume what you have, and it’s this consumption that leads to trust and loyalty, the ultimate ingredients of consistent sales.

Real-Life Example

Recently, I worked with a coach in the Real Estate Investment space.

He had a real estate investment course market at €1.5k but wasn’t making any sales. Still, once I saw the product on the inside, I knew how much value he was giving his audience.

His audience didn’t see it because it failed to capture their initial attention and interest. They weren’t consuming his marketing efforts because they didn’t see him talking to them. He was fading away.

I knew the value he had to offer and the impact that value would have on his ideal audience.

Because of that, I asked him to test a new repositioning approach to that offer, maintaining the deliverables but testing a €2.5k pricepoint.

The results in the first two weeks of testing it…

PedrosWindfalls results

Three Critical Positioning Insights

  1. Consumption Leads to Conversion: If people don’t consume your content, emails, and sales copy, they won’t buy from you. Positioning gives them a compelling reason to consume and engage with your work at any given time, under any circumstances.
  2. Foundation Before Skills: Mastering positioning is more crucial than any other skill because it makes all other skills effective. Without it, even the best copy or storytelling falls flat. If people don’t see it’s worth their time, you might have the best marketing efforts and remain invisible.
  3. Adapt and Thrive: In an ever-evolving market, those who can continually stand out will always open new sales conversations and opportunities, regardless of the circumstances. And those who can open these new sales conversations will always be closer to winning.

Use Positioning to Your Advantage

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