Why Most Creators, Coaches, and Consultants Fail: The Hidden Reason Revealed

Discover the critical mistake that 99% of creators, coaches, and consultants make, and learn how to stand out by addressing the real problems your clients face.

To get the most out of this short article, read it with this in mind:

+ People will only consume your content or sales messages if they have a good reason to do it. And that reason is not how it looks but how aligned it feels with their current challenge(s);

+ The more you understand their current challenge(s) and show them that, the faster you stand out as the guide they want and need;

+ This premise got me to work directly or consult with names like Robin Sharma, Jay Shetty, Chris Voss, Ash Maurya, Codie Sanchez, and many more;

+ And it helped me generate over $50M in smooth digital sales for my mentees and partners.

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Let me share a hard-learned lesson from nearly 20 years in the game through a true story…

The other day, I was having dinner with one of my mentees.

I picked a fancy pizza place close to my home. Walking distance.

We were talking about marketing, sales, backend, high-ticket sales… but I couldn’t stop noticing what was happening at a table close to us.

A young couple with a roughly 2-year-old daughter and also an older couple who I assume were the child’s grandparents. Most likely on the father’s side because of where they sat at the table, but that’s irrelevant.

It was that typical family dinner parents love. Grandparents get to be with their granddaughter, and parents don’t have to do a thing.

I’ve done so many of these…

But, as I was saying…

There was this family…

The daughter was seated at the baby’s table—you know, the one with the little tray so the kid could have space to play without messing with the grownup’s table.

Her mom put two or three toys on the tray for the daughter to play…

She was happy, and so was the family watching her conquering new things.

But for every ten seconds… one toy hit the floor.

The mom curved down, grabbed the toy, and put it back for the child to play.

This happened once… twice… three times… even ten times in just a few minutes.

And then there it was…

The mom gently rubbed her back as a sign of discomfort, at the same time as she complained… “You need to play on the table. Are you hearing mummy?” (read it with a different voice, please)

I looked at my mentee and told him…

Are you seeing this?

There’s a big marketing lesson here.

And this is what I explained to him…

Most people would try to sell her a back pain relief offer because it’s what she’s complaining about.

But you and I know that that’s not what she needs.

Back pain relief is a painkiller.

Not a problem solver.

And this is one thing where I see so many creators, coaches, and consultants wasting SO MUCH value.

They tackle the surface-level problem but not the true problem.

And when that happens, people will always have that feeling that something is missing.

Business owners don’t need more leads.

Leads are a surface-level pain.

That’s what most believe the problem is.

But leads, without being closed, they’re just that, leads, not the solution to their problem.

What do they need instead?

They need sales. Effortless sales.

Also… no one needs ghostwriters or even copywriters.

That’s surface level. That’s the commodity, meaning that it’s easily replaceable.

This lady sure had her back sore.

But unless she could find something that her daughter could play with without throwing to the floor, she wouldn’t solve the problem. She would just tackle the symptom.

And that’s where many only end up scratching the potential of their offer.

Remember the lady in the restaurant…

Seeing her, I could try to sell her a back pain relief product.

And she would tell me… “Ah, no need, thank you. It’s nothing.”

But you know better where the problem was…

Because if I would tell her…

“Ma’am… I see you’re hurting your back because you’re picking up your daughter’s toys every few minutes.

Would you like to use this XYZ sucker on your table and attach these little strings to hold each toy? That way, your daughter could still drop them so that they wouldn’t hit the floor, protecting your back and keeping her busy.

And each time one fell from her hand, all she had to do would be to pull the string and pick up the toy again. On her own. This would teach her some independence skills.”

I’m just coming up with the product as I’m explaining this.

But see how I tackled the problem (toys hitting the floor), showed how much I understand her situation (how that generates a new symptom), and offered her a new thing she would value and would probably differentiate me.

Have you seen that extra layer of value?

It’s here, “…On her own. This would teach her some independence skills.” It becomes harder to resist, right?

The message here is simple: remember this lady when you think about your offers and think about the marketing to promote them, and ask yourself which problem you’re tackling—the one you see or the one they deeply feel.

One gets you some attention and probably some sales. (the back pain relief)

The other gets you sales.

Many sales. (the one that helps them solve the real problem)

The lesson?

You can either focus on what’s on the surface and become a surface-level support…

Or you can become a deep-problem detective and stand out in your market as the support and guidance your audience wants and needs.

The first one might get you some attention and sales here and there…

But when you understand and tackle the real problem…

That’s when you build trust and loyalty—the needed ingredients for any long-term successful business.

Because when you show you understand your audience, you don’t just make one sale.

Understanding your audience’s problems gets you multiple sales opportunities.

It’s the ultimate LTV (lifetime value) boost.

And this is the #1 reason some creators, coaches, and consultants succeed while others fade away.

It’s often not so much about the value or offers you have today…

But about the first impressions and how you show up in the conversations with your audience…

And how that sets you up for a long-term relationship with multiple sales opportunities.

Next steps.

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