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I mostly write about the back-end, sales, positioning, and mindset.

1. The most important word in business (and life). – ALWAYS start reading this one before checking on the next ones.

2. What is reputation to you? (it’s probably not the same as it is to me)

3. “How was your journey, Pedro?” – here’s my reply.

4. The “millions marketing secret” one of my friends uses. It’s so simple you can find yours too. Today.

5. How a small change in a story made our partner an extra $219k just from 2 emails.

6. This one is a sales and storytelling masterclass. Do yourself a favor, and don’t miss this one. You won’t regret it.

7. Funnels, offers, and offer positioning masterclass. Read this thread if you’re an established creator who wants to do it themselves. (this should be a course on its own)

8. What if I lost 60% of my social media audience overnight? Here are two essential lessons you should read.

9. A little email secret that will get you present and future sales. It has to do with your reputation and people’s timing.

10. The copywriting foundation where your sales content should all come from. Yes. All of your copy.

11. Digital marketing and high-ticket sales in one single thread? Sure. This is the one you’re looking for.

12. I have been helping some established creators grow their businesses only using their existing assets and audience. Here are some behind-the-scenes lessons.

13. How to Position your offers for max value. Read this to see how to make your offer more relevant, appealing and why I consistently raise my partners’ offer values.

14. Curious to see how to unlock the power of loyalty and how to turn new buyers into repeat customers? This is where long-lasting businesses are born, by the way.

15. Do you know why my partners like our phoneless sales methods so much? Here’s why.

16. The $300k client that disappeared in 30 minutes. If you’re creating programs, you must read this one. You’ll learn an invaluable lesson.

17. “Baby on Board. Keep Distance.” – you’ve seen car stickers saying this, right? Well, there’s a critical marketing lesson here.

18. Where your money comes from makes a difference. Wait, this is not a fiscal thread. It’s a sales without refunds thread.

19. Established creators, your back-end is where opportunities happen. And this thread is your ticket to finding new opportunities your audience already wants.

20. Want to learn why we find consistent new sales for our partners at the Gravy Train Capital? If this is relevant to you, explore it here.

21. Do you know why some people buy from one creator and not others? There’s one reason you must understand and use it to your advantage.

22. Hey new creators! Do you want to know the 5-steps to build your long-term creator business? Yes? Ok, read this carefully and follow it step-by-step.

23. Do you know what people get once they buy a solution to something? Probably not what you’re thinking about but surely something you MUST know.

24. Do you fear big players investing millions in ads in your industry? “Oh, they’ll get everything for them!” – No, they won’t. There’s an alternative way to see it. It will open a “few” doors for you.

25. There is no perfect bus… Yes, there is. Let me present you with The Perfect Business Model.

26. The Art of Brand Positioning with Pedro Martins (me). This is my interview with Craig Shoemaker for his Leverage3Podcast. Worth a listen. Just saying.

Art of Brand Positioning Podcast Interview

27. How to build a 7-figure creator business in 12 steps. This thread is the result of almost two decades in the industry, working with some of the most successful creators.

28. This may sound counter-intuitive but copywriting’s foundation is not words and stories. Understanding this will make you a better copywriter.

29. You’ve heard about the importance of loyalty. But do you know what to conquer it from your audience? One tip: HPG.

30. Money isn’t worth everything. This is a positioning lesson worth millions… and peace. Here’s a $4.8M with 0 refunds case study.

31. Do you want Superman and Spiderman to teach you a critical copy hack? It’s about one single word that transforms all your copy. Learn about it here.

32. Do you know AOV, CPA, and LTV? If you’re running any type of campaign, you should read this.

33. What makes a business go from $300k to $1M is not much. And many have a $300k business where in fact they should have a $1M business. If you want to learn why they’re stuck, read this.

34. If you believe you need a big list to make a ton of money, you should probably check this one out.

35. Do you know about the 9 elements that make any email a “must read” email? No? Here you have them. Use them for max engagement.

36. What does top email copywriting have to do with a Michelin Star 5-course meal? This is THE reason why people keep reading and buying from my clients’ emails.

37. High-ticket sales? If you want sales natural and stress-free big-ticket sales, this is a thread you MUST read.

38. Understanding empathy is one of those critical elements in copy and sales. If this is a topic you want to explore, read this here.

39. Do you know how to grow any business? And when I say any, is really any business? Growth always comes down to two simple factors. Learn about them here.

40. The sale isn’t made when there’s a money transaction. No. The sale is made way before that. And the truth is, the better your pre-sales game, the easier you’ll drive more sales your way.

41. Why do you think people follow other people? And why do they buy from certain people they follow? I explained it all in this thread.

42. Coming soon…