The Email Strategist for SaaS Businesses

So, why work with an email strategist?

Well, 3 reasons: 

Any SaaS company’s long-term growth results come from the compounding effect of:

  • Increasing trial-to-customer conversion,
  • Decreasing churn,
  • And increasing long-term retention.

You might have the best acquisition channels ready with great SEO articles driving a continuous flow of new trial members.

You could have the best ads… landing pages… all the bells and whistles…

But unless you have a solid strategy in place to maximize trial-to-customer conversions or a customer retention (and upsell) ongoing strategy…

You’ll end up struggling to grow your SaaS business month-in, month-out.

What’s worse is…

In some situations, it’s not your product quality responsible for the lack of growth.

Instead, it can be a consequence of confusing people. 

People that didn’t truly understand WHY… or HOW your product can help them. 

The point is…

NONE of these reasons have anything to do with the quality of your product.

But, this is where exceptional email strategy comes into play.

I’m talking about the type of proven strategies that predictably lead to huge spurts in retention and trial-to-customer conversions.

My boy Pedro is a hustler and he loves to help. He threw together some strategies for Good Audience when we were just at the beginning stages. Obviously, he always takes the long view.


Want to learn why?

Pedro Martins - The Email Strategist for SaaS Businesses

Hi, I’m Pedro Martins.

I am a direct response email copywriter and consultant…

That helps SaaS businesses increase trial-to-customer and retention rates conversions.

In a nutshell, here’s what we’ll do together: 

>> Develop “bridge” emails that move your trial users from “testing the waters” phase… to a long-term customer;

>> Show yourself as the solution they need and want and not as a commodity product they could replace;

>> Help you gain profitable insights on where you’re leaving money on the table in your onboarding sequence and backend email program. (Trust me… there’s a LOT of low-hanging fruit, and I LOVE apples);

>> Understand your subscribers and clients and take advantage of segmentation strategies to become more relevant to each. (This is how you get them to stick around longer and consume more of what you have to offer);

>> Scarcity-Driven emails to move your audience to buy, upgrade, move along the next step of the customer journey. Increasing your clients’ LTV and decrease your churn rate.

Whether you want to talk about…

* Improving an existing email sequence;

* Create a new one;

* Or have me consult you about your overall email results and strategy;…

What will you get from this initial conversation?

A clear and ROI maximizing plan. 

The Process is simple:

  1. Click the button below (or above) and share some details about your business and current challenge(s);
  2. I’ll reply within 24h with some important questions. If I see an immediate potential fit, I’ll schedule a quick (on the house) intro call;
  3. From our initial chat, we’ll explore your current challenges, goals, and budget. This will be the foundation of our plan moving forward. I can then quote you my services, and we can maximize your ROI together.

If this is something you would like to explore…