Trifecta Growth Expert

Mastering Free Traffic, List Profit Extraction, and Product Creation. The simple formula to monetize what you know.

Pedro Martins Email Marketing & Twitter Consultant

Hey, I’m Pedro Martins.

If you have an email list…

A Twitter follower-base…

And digital products…

I can help you extract more money from your list and Twitter account… month after month.

This is what I call the Business Trifecta:

Twitter >>> Email List >>> Digital Products

The same to say…

Traffic >>> Leads >>> Sales

But, why Twitter, Email, and Digital Products?


Twitter is the simpler way to attract your ideal client without any ad spend. Have a content strategy in place aligned with your brand and products, and you’ll get a constant flow of new customers and clients heading your way.

Email is the best LTV booster (with the best ROI) you’ll ever have. Nurture and give your subscribers what they want, and you’ll see them waiting in line with their credit cards on their hands.

✅    Digital Products are the fastest and simple way to monetize your knowledge. Interact with your audience and find knowledge gaps to monetize through digital products people want to buy.

Combining the three and you’ll have the best ROI in ATTRACTING, RETAINING, and SELLING to new clients and customers. All without the need for multi-step funnels, calendars full of strategy sessions, or even the struggle to get your ads to perform (and be accepted).


I’ve worked with coaches, consultants, course creators, Saas companies, huge multinational brands, e-commerce stores… promoting everything from physical products to software…

But what I love the most is working with strong-backend businesses.

Businesses that have a variety of backend options to promote. Including:

  • Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Guides
  • Challenges
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Paid newsletters

As an Email Marketer and Consultant, I wear my list-profit extractor hat. And my focus is to create campaigns that will create a quick cash-flow windfall for you.

As a Twitter ghostwriter, I wear my feeding hat. And what I’ll do is feed your backend with a constant flow of warm traffic.

Combining both, I can easily find opportunities to create and promote new Digital Products to your list. Or even repurpose existing offers and extract more profits from existing followers and subscribers.




You can hire me for:

💰 Done-For-You or Consulting Email Marketing Services; or

💰 Twitter Ghostwriting or Consulting.

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