Presenting you: Emails Copy Critique

Have you ever wanted to know what a professional email copywriter would say about your emails?

You can get the same feedback from me that I give my corporate clients and the copywriters I work with. 

I’ll go through 5 of your emails (up to 3,000 words for all 5 emails) and share my thoughts and suggestions on how you can increase open rates, click-through rates, and sales. 

This is what you’ll get access to:

  • Get professional feedback from a veteran email copywriter for each of your emails.
  • Improve your critical rates by having someone review the subject line/preheader/CTA/story.
  • Preventing sales and revenue loss due to misleading, spammy, or irrelevant emails by having a professional double-check them before sending them out.
  • Saves on time from rewriting messages over and over again because you’re more likely to get it right the first time.

This is a great way to have professional eyes double-checking your work. And see if there are any ways you could improve your email campaigns before sending them out!

Right now, I am offering this Emails Copy Critique at just $297! 

This is a fantastic opportunity because this is a fraction of what I charge to write a 5-email sequence. And you’ll be able to see all these little details that might not have been obvious before.

I’m talking about checking if there are any “promo tab” trigger words, “stuttering” sentences, better entry paragraphs, and so much more.

And don’t worry – all you have to do is upload your emails to Google Docs, send me the link, and I’ll share all my thoughts in it to make it really simple for you! 

I love doing this, but, as you can imagine, I can only accept a couple of new email critiques every now and then. Because my time is mostly writing these emails for my clients or consulting them for their overall email strategy.

That’s why I have, sometimes, to take the buy button below down. 

If, however, you can see the button below, it means I can still accept at least one more email copy critique project. And I would love it to be yours.

If that’s the case, grab it now, and let’s get those emails getting you the sales you want!

Click the button below right now and purchase Emails Copy Critique today!

I’ll get your critique up to 24h after you share your e-mails with me.