Q: Why work with you? What makes you so unique?

We focus ONLY on email. We’re not a full-service agency that will offer you a wide range of services.

Our expertise is implementing The Email Wardrobe Effect into your list and getting more sales from your existing assets.

Q: What email copy do you write?

We’ll write emails that drive new sales wherever we can take advantage of The Email Wardrobe Effect…

They can be everyday blast emails you send to your list…

They can be welcome sequences…

Re-launch campaigns where The Email Wardrobe Effect plays an even more significant role…

Upsell campaigns…

Reignition campaigns where you’ll bring back to life “dead” leads…

You name it.

If you have a list and a good solid asset that is not driving as many sales as it used to, we can write email copy that will get you positive ROI sales.

Q: What do you mean by positive ROI sales?

This is the guarantee we’re offering everyone who works with us.

Imagine that the investment you’ll need to make to work with us is $5,000…

That’s the upfront fee. For bigger campaigns, we’ll add a success fee.

But to make it easier, let’s focus on the upfront fee, the only money you’ll need to put upfront to get us working together.

If we accept doing the project and charge you those $5,000, it means that I am 100% confident I’ll get you in return at least the $5,000 plus interest.

Sometimes that interest is 2x, 3x, and I’ve had returns above 10x of the initial investment.

But in the unlikely event that we fail to get you the results, we’ll refund you the difference

And the difference goes from a full refund to whatever the difference is between what you paid and what you gained.

Alternatively, we’ll keep writing blast emails until you make more than you invested.

This is also a great reason why we’re so picky about those we work with…

And why this initial conversation is so important.

Q: Are there any long-term contracts?

A: No. We can work together for as long (or short) as you’d like.

Q: What’s your ideal client look like?

There are some exceptions, but we typically work with coaches, consultants, and info publishers…

Who’ve been operating 12+ months

Who have a 500+ customer list

Who sell multiple offers 

Who have a 5-star reputation, and whose product/service MUST deliver on its promise

Q: How much do you charge?

We can’t give you a definite figure because it depends on what you need and your goals.

Because every business is different, we structure our agreements on a case-by-case scenario.

Q: What if I don’t like working with you after we start? 

I love your honesty. I always set up our initial project as a “first date” to start. We run a short auto-sequence or single email, make some money together, and we both get to try each other on.

If I don’t chew with my mouth open on our date and we’ve got good chemistry, THEN we’ll decide if we should “go steady” or part as friends.

Why don’t we get on a quick call where you’ll let me know more about your list and offers and see where we can add extra sales fast?