Do you want more leads and sales for your Coaching or Consulting business

As a Compliant Direct Response Copywriter, I write copy that drives sales from warm and cold traffic.

And I do it in a variety of niches, like Finance, Parenting, and Relationships and Dating.

Pedro Martins Compliant Copywriting Services

My Focus & Where I Can Help You

Hi, I’m Pedro Martins. 

And I help established coaches and consultants drive more leads and enrol more clients.

Let me first ask you, do you think your business is at its full potential?

You see, most coaches and consultants don’t grow their businesses to its full potential, for two reasons:

(1) They’re invisible to a lot of potential buyers. 

People who need their services but are missing out because they have no idea these coaches or consultants even exist…

(2) And, even if they do reach out to their whole market, the message (or offer) is not getting through the ever-growing market skepticism or social media compliant rules. 

I’m sure you’ve heard about Facebook ad accounts being shut-down overnight. Businesses that had to start from scratch because of that…

Or even businesses who end up having a “dull-grey” message because they don’t want to suffer the “Zuck-Penalties.”

The reality is that it doesn’t have to be between being invisible or being boring!

There is plenty of market out there for you to tap and convert into paying clients.

How I can help you

As a Compliant Direct Response Copywriter, my goal is to write messages that not only attract your best audience…

But it also gets them to WANT to become your clients.

You see, being a coach or consultant, and I’m sure you relate to this…

It’s critical to get your prospect to believe that they were the ones hiring you. That’s how you’ll get a long-lasting relationship with them, right?

And that’s precisely what excellent copy does for you. 

It turns cold traffic into prospects, prospects into buyers. And buyers into raving fans.

And depending on where you are right now, we can tap those prospects and… ka-ching!!

Listen, to get you there, you might just be at the distance of…

single blast email to your list, to get new people to join a paid program.

Or a new email autoresponder sequence to turn new prospects into buyers.

Or even a new compliant Facebook ad or advertorial to get you a constant stream of cold traffic… 

And convert them on a newly created compliant Sales Page.

This is all very organic.

And my goal is to help you build the right and best funnels, the best message…

To get your prospect to become a long-lasting client.

But hey…

If you don’t believe Direct Response Copywriter to be something you need. Or you don’t even know the benefits of working with a Direct Response Copywriter…

Or never hired one before.

I get you, but we’re probably won’t make a great fit.

But, if you experienced and understand the benefits of working with a Direct Response Copywriter, and you’re looking to grow your coaching or consulting business…

We’re going to be a great team.

Let’s chat.