How it Works

1. Tell us about your SaaS

We’ll jump on a call, and you’ll tell us more about your SaaS and about your existing (or soon-to-be) Onboarding sequence.

2. We’ll do the research

We’ll analyze your existing emails and metrics and your SaaS users’ metrics.

3. We’ll write your emails

We’ll write your new segmented onboarding sequence optimized for conversions and add them to your autoresponder.

4. You’ll collect the profits

You click “active” and start collecting the profits.

The Guarantee

Suppose your onboarding sequence doesn’t increase conversions in the next couple of months. In that case, you’ll get your money back… or we’ll keep optimizing it until we bring you the results.

Why am I doing this?
Because I’m so confident in our ability to deliver on my promise, so I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If we don’t deliver, you shouldn’t pay.
Simple as that.

If that sounds fair to you, then…