I help businesses grow & scale with direct response email marketing.

Mostly, from a 3-step email structure I want to share with you.

Do you own a coaching or consulting business or an e-commerce store?

Do you want to grow and scale your business with predictable and proven email campaigns that allow you to multiply the lifetime value of those in your list, month after month

Allowing you to focus your time more on doing the things you need to be doing, like offer creation, product creation, and delivery?

I absolutely love email, and you should too.

My name is Pedro Martins, and I changed countries, homes, phone numbers, girlfriends (until I found my amazing wife, of course!)…

But one thing I keep with me since day 0…

My email.

My first ever Gmail.

Of course, I have added some business emails to the record, but that first one, I still check it every single day.

And for those who have access to it…

They have direct access to me.

Anytime they want.

Isn’t this an asset?

And do you know what adds even more drama to this brief introduction?…

I will most likely use this same email “forever.”

The critical message here:

Treat my inbox wisely, and you’ll have direct access to me “forever.”

Saying this…

Let me ask you:

How are you, or your brand, treating your client’s and prospect’s inbox?

Email can be a powerful tool to exponentially increase your client’s LTV on the backend.

And I love doing that month after month for my clients.

That’s how they can put more money on the front-end to acquire more clients.

Because they know their backend works…

They know they will ALWAYS win in the long run as long as their email brings them continuous profits.

And they know it will.



Because of a little 3-step email structure I use for all their emails.

Consider it my email dirty little secret that gets people to open and consume my client’s products and programs.


Do you want to know and test it in your next email blast…

And collect the profits?

It’s that simple.

Where shall I send it to?…

Speak soon,
Pedro “Emails Profits” Martins