Repositioning Workshop

Get Positioning right and get the right people’s relevant attention.

Get Repositioning right and get unlimited opportunities to refresh that relevancy.

One gets you sales.

The other builds fortunes.

If you want to master Repositioning…

Chris Dyson and I will be doing a live repositioning workshop soon…

One where we’ll explore the ins and outs of repositioning with live examples.

And we’ll make it highly engaging so we can explore your own offers.

As you may imagine, this won’t be open to everyone.

But if you’re here and you would like to join us, leave your email below.

We’ll let you know once we have a definite date for the next workshop.

If you don’t leave your email below, there’s no way you’ll ever know when the next workshop will happen.

Up to you.

Can I send you information about the next workshop when I have it?

    Note: Once you apply, you’ll receive a short email confirming that you’re on the list. I’ll contact you once Chris and I have the next date set up in our schedules.