How To Pull An Extra 5 to 6-Figures In Sales From Your Existing Offers Each Month With “The Email Wardrobe Effect”

If you have an email list…

And you sell coaching, consulting, or info products…

I can help you extract a consistent 5 to 6-figures in sales from your list… month after month.

And I do it using your existing offers and your current email list – even if you have a tiny one.

Let me show you where the opportunity is for you…

And to do it, let’s think, for a moment, about a wardrobe.

Your wardrobe, for example…

What does it have on the inside?


All kinds of clothes.

Clothes that range from your everyday clothes and seasonal clothes to your special events clothes.

They’re all in there.

And your email is almost like your wardrobe…

But only almost…

Why is that?

Well, because if you open your wardrobe, you can mix some clothes and get a new combination that offers you a unique look, a new unique vibe…

That matches the event, the season, the moment…

And it’s this unique combination, perfectly matched with the moment, that attracts people’s attention.

Using this wardrobe example, let me ask you…

Where do you think most email lists miss a significant amount of sales? Most likely yours too?

Simple: they don’t create consistent “new looks” for their offers. And their offers lose interest… and ultimately stop selling.

It’s what I call the “offer commoditization.”

Just like with your wardrobe, if you’re not repurposing your offers and presenting them differently to your email list, you’re leaving a lot of sales behind…

All because people get saturated from seeing that “look” over and over.

Let’s face it…

Probably you saw some of your offers lose interest, with your emails not driving as many sales as they used to.

And you probably thought that the problem was with your list that needed new subscribers or with the offer that was no longer working.

But let me tell you a little secret…

It’s most likely neither of those reasons.

The list is good enough, and so is your offer.

If it worked before and the content is still worth it and updated, the problem is neither the list nor the offer.

  • The problem is that you’re presenting it with the same “clothes” over and over. And if people didn’t act before, you’re not giving them enough new reasons to act now.
  • And even more commonly, you’re presenting it with a look that you believe everyone on your list resonates with.

These are great reasons why you’re leaving a lot of money on the table…

And also great reasons why people lose interest and unsubscribe from your list.

But we can fix that.

Remember, even inside your highly targeted list, you’ll find very different people from different realities and with very different motivations.

Not addressing those differences is the same as ignoring the real problems and going with a one-fits-all message.

And that is a long-term “interest and sales killer.”

I present you with The Email Wardrobe Effect.

To turn things around and get consistent extra sales, you need to repurpose your offers and present them differently to your list. You need to understand those different motivations and tackle them one by one.

If you do that, you can start collecting extra sales from assets you already own… and you can do it immediately.

Pedro Martins Email Marketing & Twitter Consultant

Hey, I’m Pedro Martins. And I am an Email Marketing Expert specialist in Repurposing your current offers and presenting them to your list for an extra 5 to 6-figures in sales… month after month.

Exactly as I did for an accounting consulting firm client, where I repurposed one of their programs (a $1,497 real estate accounting program)…

Sent 9 emails to their list over a week…

And drove an extra $43,413 in sales from an asset that wouldn’t drive many, if any, sales otherwise.

That was money my client had in their email list but was missing out on.

In the same way, your list should probably be worth a lot more for you. And not just today, but in the long run.

That’s why I work with coaches, consultants, and info publishers…

✅ To mix your offer “clothes” and drive consistent extra sales. Make your offers sound unique to capture the attention of different people on your list.

✅ To research the best “clothing styles” for each moment. I’ll find new campaign opportunities to drive even more sales from your existing assets.

✅  When needed, adapt (or recreate) your sales letter for each repurpose campaign. This allows us to be even more specific and relevant for each sub-segment of your list.

✅ To help you RETAIN your clients and customers. From repurposing your offers and speak directly to each sub-segment of your list, you’ll keep people engaged and curious about your next email. And that’s how you 2x, 3x, and even 5x your subscribers LTV in the long run.

✅ To activate your backend marketing. Through highly target emails and campaigns, you’ll become more relevant to each subscriber. And you’ll have more subscribers buying more of your products. Here’s a great LTV booster right here.

✅ To make the sales process substantially easier. With segmented and targeted email campaigns, you won’t need multi-step funnels to sell your products or services. In the same way, you won’t need calendars packed with strategy sessions or even the struggle to get your ads to perform (and be accepted).


To make $500 offers and higher become $2,000 offers and higher. All by repurposing and getting you paid for what you’re already doing.

This is the power of using The Email Wardrobe Effect and repurposing your offers…

It’s about using an existing asset and make it sound unique and new by positioning it differently.

And odds are you currently have at least one asset that is not performing, not because the offer or the content is bad or outdated…

But because you’re not exploring different perspectives to present that asset to your list.

Am I right?

Let’s fix that.

To make things simple, this is my ideal client.

I’ve worked with coaches, consultants, Saas companies, huge multinational brands, e-commerce stores, service providers… promoting everything from physical products to software…

But what I love the most is working with coaches, consultants, and info publishers with strong-backend businesses.

Businesses that offer a variety of backend options to promote and “re-style.” Including:

  • Courses
  • Programs
  • Workshops
  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Guides
  • Challenges
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Paid newsletters

And if you have a large number of unconverted prospects or a large number of one-time buyers on your email list…

There is a massive opportunity to pull extra sales from your current list.

And that’s precisely what I can do for you.

Your List + (Repurposing) Existing Offers = New Sales Windfalls

My added-value: the Repurposing factor…

Exactly what makes this process repeatable and capable of driving new and extra sales consistently.

Because, as you saw from the wardrobe example…

As long as we have “new looks” to repurpose your offers…

We’ll drive extra sales.

An Easier First Step

You might be wondering now about how we can work together and if it will be worth it…

I understand that hiring a complete stranger is not always the easiest thing.

You have your natural questions…

You’ll want to read testimonials or referrals like these…

Pedro Martins Email Copywriter Testimonial
Here is Filipe Gonçalves, a well-known coach, recommending me to Akbar Sheikh, another renowned coach.
Pedro Martins Email Copywriter Testimonial
Pedro Martins Email Copywriter Testimonial

And you’ll want to get your risk as closer to zero as possible, whether you’re paying $2k, $10k, or $25k for the service.

I get that.

Because I feel the exact same way.

And that’s why I am so picky with those I work with.

Since I know I’ll get you the results (often above expectations)…

And a big slice of my payment is directly related to the results of my work…

I must work with those I am absolutely sure I’ll provide the results.

Is that you?

There’s only one way to find out…

Hit me a message on Twitter (preferably)…

Or on Facebook

And let’s chat.

I’ll ask you a few questions about your list and backend products, and that’s it.

If I am 100% confident The Email Wardrobe Effect will work for you…

And I’ll get you the results…

We’ll find a way to work together and get you some fast sales.

So, hit me a message on Twitter or Facebook… 

Let me know you’re reaching out after you read this page by messaging me “WINDFALL”…

And let’s chat.

It’s that simple.

Speak soon,
Pedro Martins
Repurposing Email Marketing & Consultant