At my agency, I help established creators turn sales into fortunes.

Here, I’ll help you build the systems that turn YOUR experience into predictable and sales and those sales into consistent fortunes.

Let me explain how the successful creator’s business work…

Dear creator,

Whether you are a new or established creator, you chose this path because you care about solving people’s problems.

But it’s about much more than just your skills and experiences.

It’s about your passion…

Your calling.

Your love to teach, guide, lead, solve problems… help.

And you know it better than anyone else… 

Because you have always felt that power (and calling and desire) inside you.

You love to serve and solve people’s problems.

But that’s not enough.

You want the rewards too.

You know a creator’s journey is not always easy and is most times lonely…

Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t miss the rewards you deserve and that are there for you to collect.

And that’s where many creators fall short.

They want the results…

But they lose connection with the process and their people.

But not you.

You know the creators’ success system.

I call it…

The double reward perfect system:

  1. Impact (serve your people first and see them win)
  2. Sales (collect the emotional and financial reward next)

Every creator I worked with that is killing it knows and optimizes this “double reward system.” And keeps nurturing it.

How does it work?

You use your EXPERIENCE to give, give, give, and keep giving value, knowing that the more you can wait to ask for anything in return, the more reciprocity you can request.

But you know things are more challenging than they seem.

This is just the first layer.

Just giving doesn’t build a business.

That’s charity.

And that’s where many creators go wrong.

They understand they need ways to get people to join or follow them. They also know they need to have ways to convert as many of those to become clients. And hopefully, move some of those buyers higher up in the value ladder.

But not many understand how to do this…

Or believe they have what it takes to do this consistently.

They spin their wheels creating content and trying to get people into their lower-ticket offers, but they struggle to get more sales from those people in the back-end.

And that, my dear creator, is where success lies.

The front end exists to start the relationship with your new client.

But the back-end is where the money is made.

That’s where you turn sales into fortunes.

One gets you single buyers.

The other one is where you get repeat buyers… the needed “ingredient” for a profitable business.

You must understand this…

A prospect isn’t always a buyer.

A buyer will not always be a client.

A client isn’t always a repeat client.

And a repeat client doesn’t always turn into a referral machine.

There’re many layers to loyalty and sales.

And most creators don’t understand (or neglect) this.

But those who understand and know that the deeper the impact the bigger the rewards, are the ones SUCCEEDING.

That’s where you turn sales into fortunes.

You see…

I am a deep believer that true impact (and money) are made in the back-end.

And creators who manage to offer…

  • A deep catalog (products you can sell later)
  • Recurring (automatic subscriptions)
  • Ascension (high-ticket)

…Are the ones who will ALWAYS end up collecting the highest rewards.

This is where your back-end becomes a Predictable Profit Center.

And you turn sales into fortunes.

You see…

I’ve worked with many creators.

Some only had lower-ticket offers. Others only had high-ticket. And some others had the whole enchilada.

Guess who was winning big!

And even if most thought they were winning big…

They soon realized they were only scratching the surface of their potential. They were getting some sales. Not the fortunes.

The most common problem I see among creators, new or established?

They don’t build relationships. They built lists.

They don’t build systems. They perform actions.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many creators…

Some in the 7, 8, and 9-figures range. And others in the 6-figures range.

And many of them, if not all, don’t really understand the difference between a lead and a relationship.

You see…

A lead and a relationship are NOT the same.

And when you focus on your back-end impact and profit

You’ll easily realize how having a lead or a relationship is the difference between having to convince people to buy or having those same people telling you they want to buy without any convincing.

And many still care about leads… and lists… not understanding where the impact and money are.

Hint: it’s in the relationship.

Do you still remember the double reward perfect system?

You have two simple elements…

One is the Impact you deliver when you solve your audience’s pressing problems.

The other is how that impact and problem solution leads to making Sales.

How do you build a long-lasting relationship that offers you plenty of sales opportunities?

Simple. You focus on driving impact.

That’s why selling to someone with whom you have a relationship of understanding and trust that you can help them is an entirely different (profitable) story.

This is where I consistently uncover hidden sales for creators who understand what I just shared with you.

If the relationship is in place, you’ll ALWAYS have opportunities to turn sales into fortunes.

I’ve seen that 50+ million times.

Just recently, I helped one creator tap into these relationships and uncover $1.241MM in new sales in just a little over two months.

Sales he was missing right under his nose.

For another one, I got him a little over €100k in two weeks, his highest month ever.

Pedro Martins - Funding High Ticket Sales

Again, sales that were already in their business, waiting to be collected.


Every long-term business needs FOUR things:

  • A specific niche (audience)
  • Positioning about a problem to solve (attention + impact)
  • Deep care for their audience (relationship)
  • And ways to convert impact into sales (profits)

And if you want to scale your impact and rewards, don’t forget that the “gold” lies in your back end. That’s where you build your new Predictable Profit Centers.

Profits Centers are nothing but systems that predictably and consistently guide and convert buyers into repeat buyers.

Through these systems, you nurture your relationships with existing buyers and offer them…

  • A deep catalog (products you can sell later)
  • Recurring (automatic subscriptions)
  • Ascension (high-ticket)

This is where I spend most of my time, helping impact-driven creators scale their impact and profit using their existing assets, without the need to add anything new.

Basically, creating New Profit Centers that turn buyers into fortunes

And on this website – my personal space – I want to go beyond just that.

I want to share with you the ins and outs of what makes a successful creator. Exactly what I see day in and out with my agency partners.

The ones that grew their businesses to high 7 and 8 figures and that you would easily recognize.

And they all started where you are.

Meaning that with a bit of guidance and a push here and there, you can get there too.

And that’s why I created this page.

And if this resonates with you, I would invite you to join my email list. I’ll be sharing EVERYTHING in there.

Everything that I believe will make you a better creator. One with the systems in place and all the tools to grow your business as much as you want.

Is this something you want?

– Pedro Martins