The ONE option everyone has. And the ONE everyone IGNORES. Not after you read this. [Part 1]

What’s the highest value offer you can think about?

Let me give you some perspective…

One of my partners had an offer where he charged $1,000,000 for a full month of 1-on-1 mentoring.

Yeah, you read it right.

It’s not a “number glitch.”

One million dollars for a month of private mentoring.

And this is something most people ignore… or forget.

Every niche you can think about has people in every spectrum of it.

You have people starting at it…

And you have people absolutely thriving at it.

You have amateur athletes wanting to become someone…

And you have Usain Bolts, on the other hand, winning gold medals.

You have coaches starting their journey on one side, and you have Tony Robbins’ style of coach on the other end.

You have “entrepreneurs wannabes” taking walks and thinking about their next big idea, and you have Elon Musk, on the other hand.

This works in every industry you can think of.

You have people in every spectrum of the journey between “broke” and “billionaire.”

And if you’re hard to be convinced…

“But Pedro, what about guitar players?”

Exactly the same.

You have people who want to start playing guitar today…

And you have guitar players playing for huge bands or solo, making millions in the process.

Whatever industry you think of…

You have people dreaming and people achieving.

And this leads me to what matters to you…

Do you know what is your option as a creator or copywriter?


You can pick anyone, at any moment, in that evolution spectrum in any niche.

You don’t have to go generic simply trying to capture someone.

Because the more you’re generic you are, the less relevant you become.

That’s the only math that matters in your entrepreneurial journey.

As I was saying…

You can pick whoever you want.

If you think about a whole journey between broke and billionaire as a set of mountains each person has to overcome to move from one side to the other…

You can zoom out and easily see the foundational mountains EVERY SINGLE PERSON must go through.

Think about it…

You can’t connect without first meeting someone.

In the same way…

You can’t date without first connecting with someone.

There are steps each of us will ALWAYS have to go through whatever journey we’re taking for ourselves.

Same with your audience.

As I repeat often…

“The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next.”

Solving one problem always triggers a new one.

Now that you know how (and where) you can meet people…

You can focus on how to connect with them.

One mountain to the next.

Once you know how to connect, you move to the next mountain.

And this is valid for every single niche you can think of.

And you know what’s even better?

It’s predictable.

If you know someone who just took and passed their driving lessons, what new mountain will they have next?

Get a car to “practice,” right?

If you know a grown-up who just lost a tooth, you know what they want to do next, right?

Once you know where people are and what they care

It’s easy for you to predict what they’ll do next.

You know their present and future mountains.

And that’s a power many ignore.

As I shared in the “Stand Out or Fade Away” book…

Once you know where people are…

You know how to become relevant to the right people.

This is to say…

Once you figure out what mountain people are going through right now…

You know what mountains they’ll face ahead.


And you build your positioning and your narrative accordingly.

Only want to deal with people who already have a driving license?

Only want to work with people who already have at least a client and are making at least $3k/month?

You have the option to pick people in whatever mountain you want to join them on their journey.

And this is liberating.

Because you already know you have people in every “mountain” in that niche full-spectrum journey.

There will be a Part 2 about this content…

Because you have an opportunity to piggyback on someone else’s educational investment…

And pick readier and better people for you.

I’ll show you what that means soon.

For now, I recommend you read “Stand Out or Fade Away” to learn how to position yourself in a way that is relevant to the right people.

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